Latin American Infrastructure Forum - 23 May 2017
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Forum Review

The inaugural Latin American Infrastructure Forum and associated networking events took place in Melbourne on 22 and 23 May 2017, and attracted an audience of 330 persons in total. The closing sell-out Gala Dinner provided an excellent opportunity for delegates and guests to network and was marked by the announcement that the Victorian Government intends to release an updated Latin American Strategy before the end of the year.

The feedback received from delegates to the Forum and attendees at the networking events was overwhelmingly positive, with the following comments being indicative of the opinions expressed:

“The forum was a great success and triggered a whole series of insightful meetings and discussions.”

“Such a fantastic forum, conversation and vision”.

“Our funds are better placed to invest in LATAM because of your efforts.”

The consensus opinion of delegates was that the Forum should not be seen as a one off stand-alone event, but rather the start of a process that will involve ongoing events and activities aimed at progressively deepening the connection between Australian investors and companies and the infrastructure sector of the countries in Latin America.

The Forum served to provide delegates with a comprehensive briefing on the economic status of the major countries in Latin America, highlighted the extensive nature of the infrastructure projects on offer in the region, outlined the key role played by regional development banks and other multinational institutions and identified important issues that should be taken into account when looking to become active in the infrastructure space in the region.

The greater appetite that Australian industry super funds have for investment in infrastructure assets globally was highlighted. As was the pioneering role of players such as Macquarie Bank and IFM Investors in leading Australia’s push into investing in the Latin American infrastructure sector.

Copies of the presentations given at the Forum that have been made available for distribution can be downloaded from the Agenda page.

If you are interested in being kept informed of further developments concerning the Latin American infrastructure sector, please register your interest by writing to the Forum secretariat at [email protected].  

Latin American Infrastructure Forum 2017

This timely event will give Australian business an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the extensive pipeline of infrastructure projects planned for key markets in Latin America and the opportunities that they offer to Australian business.

Australia’s expertise in the field of infrastructure is well-known and therefore eagerly sought in the region. So far, only a handful of Australian companies have participated in the development of the region’s infrastructure, but the potential is there for many more companies to become involved and to benefit from the building of the region’s infrastructure.

Through comprehensive presentations, panel discussions and individual meetings, Forum delegates will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • the current economic status of the major markets in Latin America
  • the critical role that infrastructure development will play in underpinning productivity growth and  the increased competitiveness of these markets
  • the pipeline of projects on offer in each market and strategies for accessing them
  • the issues that need to be taken into account when investing in or participating in projects in the region.

The Forum will also offer delegates from Latin America an opportunity to connect with key players in Australia’s infrastructure sector, one where Australia is seen as a global leader, with a strong track record of deals and highly knowledgeable participants. It is being held at a time when  “Australian savings are having to go offshore to look for infrastructure investments. And Australian fund managers are selling their infrastructure deal-doing and investment expertise offshore”.

This important Forum is an initiative of the Australia-Latin America Business Council and has the backing of the Government of Victoria and the Australian Government’s Council on Australia Latin America Relations, as well as key government agencies from Australia and the major markets in Latin America, and important private sector companies and institutions.


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Clear Benefits From Attending



about the extensive portfolio of infrastructure projects planned for the major markets of Latin America


valuable connections with key industry stakeholders and professionals from the public and private sectors


yourself with the state of the political and macroeconomic situation in Latin America and in individual countries


first-hand insight into how to position your business to participate in the delivery of infrastructure projects in Latin America




Topics Overview



The inaugural Latin America Infrastructure Forum features a wide range of speaker presentations, Q&A and panel discussions on the latest developments concerning infrastructure projects in the major markets of Latin America. 

The Forum is a valuable opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Latin America’s infrastructure sector and to network with key industry stakeholders including government agencies, financiers and development banks, consultants, contractors, operators and more.

Latin America needs to at least double its current level of investment in infrastructure and the projects that need to be developed cover all types from roads to railways, wind farms to hydroelectric dams, rapid transit systems, water and sanitation plants, ports and airports, and a great deal more.



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